HackAGong 2012 Winners Announced

At the end of 30 hours of development time attendees gathered at the Unibar along with a large number of other guests and took turns to present the apps they had built over the weekend. A total of 27 teams presented their creations, and we have winners for each of the prize categories!

Category Awards
  • “Best Multiplayer Game”: team Paintball Day with Lime Rocket/Buzzy.io + 2x Blackberry TouchPads. Winner: Ooimoki
  • “Most Viable Business Potential”: two desks at StartPad over summer. Winner: Infinite Small
  • “Best Use of NSW Government Data”: $1000 thanks to NSW Government apps4nswWinner: NSW Gov Agency Locator (team AVC)
  • “Best Safety, Security or Intelligence Application”: $500 thanks to ITREEWinner: Melon.im
  • “Best Overall Design”: $400 worth of goodies (web design books, subscription to Learnable.com, t-shirt) thanks to SitePointWinner: Mash UOW
Product Prizes
  • 4 x Nexus 7s given out for various competitions throughout the weekend including a paper airplane competition, best student team, best tweet and best team leader thanks to UOW Entrepreneur Club and iAccelerate. Winners: Mash UOW, Marc Bowditch, Nik Cubrilovic, James Barnes
  • “Runner-up for Best Multiplayer Game”: 1 x Blackberry TouchPad. Winner: Mash UOW
Audience Award Prize

The audience voted and decided on their favorite pitch and application. The winner received $1,000 cash from Scriptrock.

The winner of the HackAGong 2012 audience award is CheckMySite built by the team entered from Internetrix

CheckMySite is a web application where a non-technical user can enter the URL for a website and receive a complete list of details about that site, such as which software is running on it, if secure and encrypted connectivity is available, what the site looks like on iPhone etc. It then makes recommendations to the user for services they may wish to consider implementing on their website.

2012 HackAGong Major Prize Winner

The major prize of $2,500 provided by Tibra Capital + desks at Fishburners + a Skype call with the Grabble guys was decided on by our panel of judges and was awarded to Kickstart Kristmas

Kickstart Kristmas is an app where users can list gifts from e-commerce sites that they wish to receive for Christmas. The list can then be shared on social media and requests fulfilled by those wishing to buy you something. It aligns what gift recipients want to receive with gift purchases, ridding of gift wastage. The team will be adapting the site for other holiday seasons.

Congratulations to all the winners, team members and all the participants. Thank you to all of our sponsors, the judges and the volunteers who helped to make this event happen. See you next time!

Photos from the Event

To view the full set of photos, visit our Facebook page.

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