Sponsor Watch: IMC Pacific

Sponsors are a huge part of Hackagong. Without the generous contributions from our sponsors, we wouldn’t be running this awesome Hackathon! This is Sponsor Watch, where we take a quick look at one of our sponsors.

Company: IMC Pacific
Company Website: imcgraduates.com.au
Location: 50 Bridge St, Sydney, 2000.
Number of Employees: 90 in our Sydney office, over 400 globally.

What does your company do?

IMC is one of the world’s leading proprietary trading firms, trading on the biggest exchanges in the world.
We’re primarily active in algorithmic arbitrage and market-making on listed exchanges across the globe.
Technology has transformed the old method of floor trading that you’ve seen in the movies to a process where traders are ‘plugged in’ to exchanges. We’re leading this transition. Our trading strategy involves using sophisticated algorithms, which are created and coded by us, to buy and sell a security at different prices. It creates a unique environment where traders and developers work as one team to apply technology in new and innovative ways

How did your company first get started? What’s the origin story?

IMC was founded in 1989 by two Dutch traders.

Why did you sponsor Hackagong 2015?

To meet talented software developers.

Has your company ever held internal hackathons?


What is the most awesome thing or project your company has done?

At IMC we have designed one of the worlds fastest trading systems. It is an extremely competitive industry. Our systems are so finely tuned that performance changes on the order of hundreds of nanoseconds are detectable, and relevant.

What’s an internal/industry problem your company would like to solve?

IMC is on the forefront of automated trading. One of our biggest challenges relates to processing huge volumes of data from different geographical locations with minimal latency. This provides many challenges, where networking, software design and hardware are all critical components which must work together with high precision.

What are you most looking forward to at Hackagong 2015?

Keen, energetic software developers working with a fixed deadline, using new technologies to solve creative problems.

Are you currently hiring and if so, what type of person are you looking for?

Yes- We are looking for the smartest and most exceptional graduates to join our team. People who want to work collaboratively, be challenged every day, can think fast and solve complex problems, constantly innovate and, importantly, enjoy what they do!

Apply for our 2016 Graduate Program if you:

• You are a final year student in a technical discipline (e.g. IT, Business Information Systems/Technology or Computer Science). Other degree qualifications will be considered if supported by strong IT components.
• You possess a strong knowledge of algorithms and data structures.
• Excellent programming skills and development experience.
• You demonstrate high-achievement, both academically (with at least the equivalent of a Distinction average).
• Achievement in extra-curricular activities, such as sports, community or volunteer work, running a business, etc.


What trending technology are you most excited for over the next 5 years?

Some of the recent technologies which are of interest are:

• Hadoop and the other Big Data systems.
• FPGA and custom hardware design.

Hackagong and WITS thanks IMC for supporting our event! Without them Hackagong would not be possible.

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