Sponsor Watch: ScriptRock

Sponsors are a huge part of Hackagong. Without the generous contributions from our sponsors, we wouldn’t be running this awesome Hackathon! This is Sponsor Watch, where we take a quick look at one of our sponsors.

Company: ScriptRock
Company Website: www.scriptrock.com
Location: Mountain View, CA
Number of Employees: 12

What does your company do?

ScriptRock makes GuardRail, the configuration monitoring platform for data centers, cloud apps, and network devices. GuardRail gives development and operations teams visibility into the configuration of every environment so they can release more often, recover more quickly, and automate effectively.

How did your company first get started? What’s the origin story?

Founders Alan Sharp-Paul and Mike Baukes are veterans of the financial technology industry where they worked in the development and operations sides of corporate IT, respectively. Their frustration with what they saw as a broken process drove the design of GuardRail, ScriptRock’s configuration monitoring platform.

Why did you sponsor Hackagong 2014?

ScriptRock was founded in Australia and our outstanding engineering team is all Australian. We’re looking to foster that talent pool and hopefully find more great hires.

Has your company ever held internal hackathons?


What is the most awesome thing or project your company has done?

Oculus Rift-friendly version of our product.

What’s an internal/industry problem your company would like to solve?

No one should ever have their application fail, whether in a QA environment or production, and say “must be a configuration problem.” We’re solving the problem of failed releases.

What are you most looking forward to at Hackagong 2014?

Meeting creative engineers.

Are you currently hiring and if so, what type of person are you looking for?

Yes! Front end/UX engineers, data scientists, designers.

What trending technology are you most excited for over the next 5 years?

Virtual reality

Hackagong thanks ScriptRock and our other sponsors for their generous contribution for this years event.

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