Hackagong 2013 Category Prize Winners Announced

Over 100 of the most talented individuals you could hope to meet, spread across 34 teams, competed across 9 different prize competitions this weekend at Hackagong 2013 held at the UOW uniCentre. A group of notable judges determined the Top 10 teams, and the winners of each of the prize categories (excluding the Major Prize) where they were presented at the UOW uniCentre. The prototypes which teams built from start to finish in just 30 hours were astounding and a testament to the talent and potential of the Illawarra ICT sector.

In no particular order, here are the winners of each of the prize competition categories. We will be pushing out interview blog posts on each team with further details and photos about their creations in the coming weeks.

Most Innovative 3D Printed Object

Winners: QUAD Team

Who: Anton Summerfield, Nathan Roberts, Joele Nichols, Hannah Sloane

What: Combining the agility and maneuverability of a quadrocopter with the lift and flight time of a fixed wing aircraft.

Prize: Up Mini 3D printer + 3D scanner thanks to UOW Global Challenges Program


Most Futuristic Business Idea

Winners: Team Physics

Who: Matt Griffiths, Luke Weynen, Matt Sanderson, Jackson Cunningham

What: An opensource portable gaming system, named PiPy

Prize: $2000 Webics voucher + CornerTable desks + BlackBerry Z10 smartphones each (thanks to Webics, CornerTable & BlackBerry)


Most Creative 3D Printed Object

Winners: Team Drew Carey

Who: Daniel Robinson, Geoff Pidcock, Matthew Austin

What: Map peoples personality onto a surface that is unique to everyone and helps them find their one true love.

Prize: Up Mini 3D printer + 3D scanner thanks to 3D Printing Systems


3D Build Potential

Winners: Arts Eclectic

Who: Steven Mason, Sophia Dichmides, Geoff Murphy, Fox Lee, Talon Lee

What: 3D printed all in one fold-up table top post-apocalyptic truck game.

Prize: $1500 worth of high-end additive fabrication time on any Objective 3D machine (thanks to Objective 3D)


Canva Competition: Best Promotional Material Using Canva

Winners: Whispr

Who: Rhys Powell, Jordan Gillman

What: Whispr gives anyone a temporary, private place to chat with their friends, colleagues or clients.

Prize: $100 Canva credit each + tickets to Canva launch party (thanks to Canva)


Best Overall Design

Winners: Dispatchr

Who: Myles Cooley, Esteban Caques, Matthew Vlandys, Aaron Waters

What: A GPS tracking platform for companies with dispatched based services.

Prize: 12 month subscription to Tuts+ Premium for each team member (thanks to Tuts+)


Best Overall Game

Winners: Colossus

Who: Ben Booth, Simone Tropes, Richard Hill, Daniel Eddy, Bretton Hamilton

What: A multiplatform, multiplayer, collborative game.

Prize: BlackBerry Z10 smartphones each (thanks to BlackBerry)


Most Awesome #Hackagong Photo Competition

Winners: Team Moolah’d (these guys traveled up from Melbourne!)

Who: Franz De Los Reyes, Peter Mai, Jake Cunningham, Quynh Nguyen

What: A re-enactment of the photo from the Social Network

Prize: Pebble Smartwatch




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