Hackagong 2013

Hackagong, Wollongong’s epic hackathon competition is back again for 2013!

The hackathon is on July 20-21, 2013 in the very awesome uniCentre building which has fantastic areas for teams to breakout into, a games area with Xbox and PlayStations to unwind, and of course bean bags.

So far we’re expecting around 150 participants, and up to $20,000 in prizes!

There will also be a sister event, called “Demo Day” held in partnership with the Illawarra Digital 2013 expo on Wednesday July 24, 2013. The top 10 Hackagong teams will be invited to pitch their ideas/prototypes at Demo Day in front of the public, investors and a panel of judges. The judges will decide the overall winner of Hackagong at Demo Day, while the category prizes will be determined on the previous Hackagong weekend.

We’re also branching out into hardware this year with the inclusion of a 3D printing competition (the first of its kind in Australia!) with the winning team taking home an actual 3D printer as the prize for “best 3D printed object”. We’ll be holding a CAD workshop prior to July 20 for teams to learn how to use the printers and 3D design software. More details to follow.

Entry tickets are only $20 and include a free tshirt and food provided for the entire weekend.

So pull together a team, or find one in the HACKAGONGers Facebook group, and get ready for an epic weekend!

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