3D Printing Workshop Was Epic!


The Hackagong 3D printing workshop held Friday 5th July was a great success with around 35 people in attendance. Our “build” ambassador, Chris Richards, walked through the various uses and advancements in 3D printing, as well as brief walkthroughs of 3D computer-aided design (CAD) software.

For those who are new to 3D design software, we recommend to begin with TinkerCAD, then move onto FreeCAD. Though you’re welcome to use any CAD software for Hackagong that exports to a .stl file.

Our 3D printing competition is the first of its kind in Australia! We will have a total of eight (8) 3D printers on the July 20-21 Hackagong weekend for competitors to use: 5 x Cube Printers, 2 x UP Printers, 1 x UpPrint Printer. Each team competing in the 3D printing category will have 6-8 hours of allocated printing time.

There are three separate prizes up for grabs:

  • Most Innovative 3D printed object: 1x UpMini 3D printer + 1x 3D scanning system thanks to UOW Global Challenges Program
  • Most Creative 3D printed object: 1x UpMini 3D printer + 1x 3D scanning system thanks to 3D Printing Systems
  • Best 3D Build Potential: $1500 worth of Additive Fabrication on ANY Objective 3D machine thanks to Objective 3D

Many thanks also to UOW Faculty of Engineering & Information Sciences and ACES – ARC Centre of Excellence for Electromaterials Science for sponsoring and lending printers.

Without all of these amazing sponsors this competition simply couldn’t happen. So please show your support by liking their Facebook pages and following their updates.

If you have any questions, contact Chris via [email protected]

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