Hackagong 3D Printing Workshops

Hackagong has been host to over 50 people at the two 3D Printing Workshops. Our “build” ambassador, Cameron Angus, taught participants everything there is to know about 3D printing and how to get your model to print the best. Cameron also gave a short tutorial on 3D modelling software including Autodesk 123D and Cura. The workshop gave great insight to those new to 3D printing and provided information on what to expect over the Hackagong weekend.

Hackagong will be providing around 12 3D printers during the event for participants to physically print their awesome projects. They’ll also be a few helpers roaming around ensuring your 3D object gets printed correctly. Thanks to our sponsors, Hackagong has two 3D printing prize categories:

We’re super excited to see what awesome projects come out of this years Hackagong! If you need some assistance or want to know some more information about 3D Printing at Hackagong, get in touch with the Build Ambassador, Cameron. Additionally, you can tweet @hackagong or send us a message on Facebook.

Email: ambassadors (at) hackagong.com

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