Meta 1 Information + Successful Workshop!

Tonight we hosted a Meta workshop for those interested in the technology. Hosts from Meta: Esther Lekeu and Brennan Hatton gave a fantastic demonstration on what the Meta 1 Developer Kit is and how to start developing for the Meta 1 Developer Kit platform. If you haven’t heard of Meta before, it’s a augmented reality platform which combines the real world with the virtual world. Unlike the Oculus Rift which is completely virtual, Meta is transparent, you can still see the real world but it has virtual objects rendered into view.


The Meta 1 Dev Kit is currently sold out until August 2015, but luckily Hackagong will have four kits to use on the weekend. Hackagong is proud to announce that we will be the first public hackathon in Australia that has access to the Meta technology! Pretty awesome eh?

Thanks to the guys at Meta, we also have one Meta 1 Developer Kit to giveaway to the team that makes the best application for the Meta 1. Unfortunately, there will be limited Meta 1 Development Kits available on the day and you must first pitch your idea to the Meta team. If you’re interested in using a Meta 1 Development Kit during Hackagong, please get in touch with Brennan Hatton. You’ll be requested to pitch your idea to him over a Skype call. Only a select number of teams will get the opportunity to use Meta over the weekend, so it’s important to get your pitch to Brennan quickly. You’ll also need to make sure your computer has the minimum requirements to run the Meta software:

  • Unity3D 4.6.0b20: Download Here
  • Windows 7 / 8
  • i5, 4GB ram
  • 1 USB port
  • 1 HDMI port or HDMI adapter

More information can be found about Meta on their website: Teams will also have the chance to enter the exclusive Meta Pioneers Program:

Thanks to everyone who came to tonight’s workshop and a huge thanks to Meta for running the program plus providing the development gear for the weekend.

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