Photogenic Hackagong Ambassadors

Hackagong in the Mercury

Another article in the Illawarra Mercury today! This time we managed to get all of our amazing Hackagong Ambassadors together for an epic photo.

From left-to-right we have Chris Richards our “build” ambassador and organiser of the 3D printing competition and workshop; myself, Nathan Waters the founder of Hackagong and Demo Day; Travis Wall our “design” ambassador (and newly assigned lead organiser) who is the brains behind all of the super sexy design of the logo, website, posters, flyers; Rebecca Paget our “launch” ambassador and one of the founders of Giftling who won last year’s Hackagong; Tim Christie our newly assigned “code” ambassador; and Brennan Hatton our former lead organiser and “code” ambassador who has recently been hired by a new augmented reality glasses startup called Meta. Brennan is flying out to Silicon Valley, San Francisco this week to join Meta and will sadly miss Hackagong on July 20-21, 2013.

As you can see, the volunteers behind Hackagong and Demo Day are incredibly talented and driven individuals, to the point where it’s often difficult keeping hold of them.

The organiser posse extends beyond the ambassadors, including Mark Caetano (Hackagong student club President), Tim Randall (Hackagong student club Vice-President), David Mattner (Hackagong student club Secretary), our video and AV specialists Geordie McAleer, Ryan Unwin and Douglas Heriot, as well as help from Rowan de Haas, Sye Heinlein, Scott Quayle, Jeff Thom and Nik Cubrilovic.

These people are absolutely amazing, and I feel incredibly privileged and grateful for their help, support and shared passion to change the culture of Wollongong. Together with our wonderful sponsors and support from the broader community, we are shaping a future of pure awe, right here in the Illawarra.

You can read the full article here: Hackagong to boost tech start-ups in city

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