Team CoLab / Hackagong 2013

Team name

Team members
Jody Watts, Chris Reid, Tim Randall

How did the team meet?
At the Hackabar meet up the Thursday night before Hackagong!

What did you build at Hackagong?
We built CoLab – A website to facilitate the connection of people looking for projects and startups looking for skills

Why that idea and how did it come to you?
Tim was finding it hard to fill the skills gaps in his project ideas and asked a question. Why isn’t there a register of all the awesome people who are keen to work on new things improve their skills and have the chance of starting a successful company or change the local community for the better? Also information on local projects and startups is fragmented, how do all the people in Wollongong and UOW who want to work with startups find them? We created CoLab to solve this.

How was your weekend experience at Hackagong and/or Demo Day?
It was amazing because of the short period things happen fast, decisions have to be made quick! There was no time to waste.

What’s next for your product development?
Hopefully $5000 from UOW Pitch and a minimum viable product completed in December.

What’s the grand future vision for what it could become?
An extremely valuable tool for people who want to start companies by connecting like minded people with different skill sets, speeding up innovation and economic development in communities. The information hub for every startup community in every city on Earth and not just the startup community, a tool to help any interested person connect to projects/companies they are interested in.






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