Team Arts Eclectic / Hackagong 2013

Team name
Arts Eclectic

Team members
Stephen Mason, Sophia Dichomides, Fox Lee, Talen Lee, Geoff Murphy

How did the team meet?
Most of the team has known one another for years. But we did meet Geoff a few nights before the event at a Hackagong meetup.

What did you build at Hackagong?
At Hackagong we built the prototype for a 3D printable boardgame, called ‘Riggers’.

Why that idea and how did it come to you?
We pretty much came up with it on the day, in response to needing an idea that both appealed to us (boardgames) and used new technology (3D printers).

How was your weekend experience at Hackagong and/or Demo Day?
Pretty good, exciting and fun. It really showed us what we could achieve if we put our minds to it. (it was dam cold though :p)

What’s next for your product development?
The product is currently on the shelf until 3D printing technology catches up.

What’s the grand future vision for what it could become?
One of our group members is currently starting a table-top gaming business of his own, and, it is possible that, one day, ‘Riggers’ could become part of that business’s product range and people around the world could be playing it.

What’s happened with the project since Hackagong?
While we had a successful presentation at Demo-Day, the technological constraints mentioned above have meant that little has happened since then.


Riggers Photo Closed


Riggers Closed


Riggers Open


Riggers Photo Half Open


Riggers Photo Open


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