Team Whiteboard / Hackagong 2013

Team name
Team Whiteboard

Team members
Andrew Short, Neil Richardson, Simon Westren

How did the team meet?
We met at Hackagong for the first time.

What did you build at Hackagong?
We built a robotic whiteboard that lets you choose an image and have it drawn on a whiteboard.

Why that idea and how did it come to you?
We had a few components and this was one idea which fitted the hardware we had available.

How was your weekend experience at Hackagong and/or Demo Day?
It was a whole lot of fun, and was great to work on an interesting project in such an exciting atmosphere.

What’s next for your product development?
It was more of a fun project than a product, but there may be a version 2 being made in the future.

What’s the grand future vision for what it could become?
A really cool demo.

What’s happened with the project since Hackagong?
While we had a successful presentation at Demo-Day, the technological constraints mentioned above have meant that little has happened since then.

Robotic whiteboard that draws whatever you program it to

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