Team Flush Arcade / Hackagong 2013

Team name
Flush Arcade

Team members
Michael Williams

What did you build at Hackagong?
App Name – Fanatic

Mobile App for helping artists push content to their fans. the idea behind the application is to drive fans to obtain a place within an artist’s top fans list meaning prizes for fans who make it within the artists top fan’s list. Artists post any sort of content through their profile and fans have the ability to share this information in order to build points and climb ranks within each artist’s top friends list. The application also allows artists to start chat rooms where fans can ask them questions directly.

Why that idea and how did it come to you?
I run a record label and deal with artists all the time looking for ways to push content to their fans, all artists want the most efficient way to achieve this.

How was your weekend experience at Hackagong and/or Demo Day?
Exhausting but well worth it. It was a very enjoyable experience being involved in the creative atmosphere and highly interesting seeing what products each team comes up with.

What’s next for your product development?
Aiming to have a further developed product and test out with some of the artists on my record label.

What’s the grand future vision for what it could become?
To become a highly used social media platform for all artists on any smartphone. I think one of the biggest aims would be to get some big artists from labels such as Sony or Universal on board with it.

Are you looking for people to help? If so, who/what do you need?
At the moment no but depending on how it starts look for the future after testing the first pro type with some of the artists thats when I will look into building it into something much bigger.

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