Team Lime Rocket (Epic Games) / Hackagong 2013

Team name
Lime Rocket

Team members
Mike Gardiner & Gretchen Armitage

How did the team meet?
We came in as a company team representing Lime Rocket – an game & app development company based right here in the Illawarra.

What did you build at Hackagong?
Using our Buzzy.IO platform we built the first of a new series of Epic multi-screen games for pubs & clubs that allow patrons to play via your iOS or Android SmartPhone.

Why that idea and how did it come to you?
Hackagong for us was an opportunity to eat our own dog food (API & SDK) and show other game & app developers what is possible using Buzzy.IO. The idea started out early Saturday as location based dating and by mid morning it had morphed into game shows.

How was your weekend experience at Hackagong and/or Demo Day?
Intense. Fun. Epic. What’s not to love?

What’s next for your product development?
We are continuing to develop & refine more games and signup new venues. At the EB Games Expo (Oct 4-6) we will be showcasing these games to the 30,000+ gamers that will visit over the 3 days.

What’s the grand future vision for what it could become?
Our aim is to use your SmartPhone, Buzzy.IO & games like Epic to enable a new world of social gaming.

Are you looking for people to help? If so, who/what do you need?
We are currently looking for rockstar developers (TypeScript, JS, ActionScript, C#) and designers who have an interest in mobile or social games and want to build amazing tools & content. Devs
& designers can reach out to us on twitter via @LimeRocketApps, LinkedIN, or our Facebook Page.

What’s happened with the project since Hackagong?
We are now running the Epic interactive games weekly at our flagship venue The Illawarra Brewery and have several others waiting to come online soon.



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